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Dutch choreographer Lenneke Mietes is a versatile, yet highly specialized artist in the fields of dance, theatre and film. In the past ten years she has created many outstanding performances and has contributed to numerous artistic projects and productions in and outside the Netherlands. Her work has been described as highly compelling with intense, profound theatricality.

Lenneke has a firm interest in site-specific, interdisciplinary performance. Her focus is on exploring multi-layered dramatics through the use of different modes of expression. Movement, music and architecture merge in order to create an eclectic style of theatre which combines the obvious with the ambiguous, the ever-day with the obscure, the pedestrian with the magical.
Her work is strongly atmospheric and aims to create a level of interactivity and intimacy between the performers and the audience.The spectator is seen as a collaborator rather than a witness. The pieces are based around the interplay between the personal and the collective and provide the audience a visceral experience of the real and unreal.

Apart from being a choreographer, Lenneke is a teacher, working in both fields of dance and drama. She has worked with students of various age groups, children and adults, within community settings and in vocational training systems. Her teaching includes actor movement, contemporary dance, improvisation/composition and is primarily based on Release technique. Other sources of information are the movement systems of Rudolf Laban and Jacques Lecoq.

Ongoing research is on various dance/movement improvisation techniques and its implementation in different areas and styles of movement, dance, theatre and performance training. These techniques include Bogart's Viewpoints method for improvisation and composition, Schechner's RasaBoxes, Contact Improvisation, Forsythe's Improvisation Technologies and Zaporah's Action Theatre.

This site has been created to offer insight in the work Lenneke has done so far and to keep up to date with her latest projects.
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