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Le Corps Feminin

Based on and inspired by Surrealism, this piece challenges our precious sense of reality. It's a poetic account of the (un)real and (non)sensical, crossing the borders of what we believe to be sane; a plea for allowing imagination - of both creator and spectator - to give and be given shape.

Within this particular framework the focus is on the female body as both object and subject, with images and stories based on (principals) of Surrealist art.

Performers: Maura van der Bruggen, Elleke Cremers and Maartje Hoogsteyns

Performed on site in April 2007 in Amsterdam.

This performance was initiated by Dakini Beweegt and Workshop Sanne Amsterdam.

lecorps 1 lecorps  2 lecorps 4 lecorps  3 lecorps 5 lecorps 6

Lenneke Mietes       Photography